Edition #25: How to Win Buy-in for Technical SEO Initiatives

I hope you've enjoyed some barbecue weather where you are (the UK has been miraculously balmy the last couple of weeks).

If you saw the news last week that Google's page experience update has started rolling out, I expect you may have some thoughts and/or questions about Core Web Vitals. Luckily, we have a Q & A webinar planned on this very topic! This Wednesday, 23rd June (8pm BST), Geoff and I will be joined by Billie Geena and Arnout Hellemans, for a Core Web Vitals Q & A Webinar. Our super-smart guests will tackle whatever questions we throw at them, so fire your questions over to us now, or drop into the chat on the day and join the discussion. See you there!

Onto the content...

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How to Win Buy-in for Technical SEO Initiatives with User Stories

via @azarchick

Getting recommendations implemented is one of the biggest challenges for SEOs, as often this is the point where we need to hand over control to developers. Kristina argues that SEOs should take a leaf out of the development playbook, and start using user stories to communicate technical SEO recommendations.

Accessibility and SEO should go hand in hand

via @BillieGeena

Too often, accessibility is overlooked as not being beneficial for SEO. Our upcoming webinar guest Billie makes the case that we need to care more about user experience for ALL users, and that accessibility should be more than just an afterthought - instead it should be baked into our website optimization work.

Outcome Mindset Shift in SEO

via @Adoubleagent

Adam presents a compelling argument that SEOs should move away from a 'deliverables mindset' and towards one focused on solving customer problems. 

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