Edition #24: TechSEO Boost 2021 & Plenty More

I hope you are enjoying our slow return to normality. In Sitebulb-land we've been busy working on some updates, which we hope to unveil to you soon. We've also been working on content, and following on from our sponsorship of WTSFest Virtual earlier this year, we are doing more work with the WTS gang, this time bringing some of their contributors' work to Sitebulb's audience in a series of webinars.

The first of which is tomorrow (Wednesday 26th), where we'll be joined by Izzy Wisniewska as she runs us through her process on How to Conduct, Structure and Communicate Technical SEO Audits. She did a similar webinar for the WTS community on one of their workshops and the presentation received fantastic feedback, so we are extremely excited about this encore performance. Check the link above for the webinar details and set a reminder so you don't miss it!

Here's what we've been enjoying lately:

Recent Tech SEO Stuff We Love

TechSEO "Mini" Boost 2021 Session Recordings

via @CatalystSEM

The last conference I went to IRL was TechSEO Boost, waaay back in December '19, enjoying an incredible conference with friends, in snowy Boston. Man that seems so long ago. And though screen recordings are not the same as actually being there with other human beings, these ones are pretty bloody good. If you love tech SEO, you'll love these videos. My favourite was Brian Ta's talk on SEO Experimentation. I had not come across Brian before, so I have also found myself an excellent new follow (another great thing about conferences that I miss. Insert crying face emoji).

3 Gut-wrenching SEO Filters Lessons from an Enterprise In-house SEO

via @Jables321

For some reason I have always found indexing issues around faceted search to be fascinating. Or should I say facetnating (*guffaws*). It's all uphill from here people.

This is a cool case study on how Home Depot used faceted search 'filter pages' to drive traffic, and what happened when things went wrong. This sort of stuff always feels like the definition of technical SEO to me. ​

Advanced Core Web Vitals: A Technical SEO Guide

via @Jammer_Volts

Jamie has published some great stuff on CWV recently, and she's back with another banger. This one focuses in on the technical aspects of understanding what Core Web Vitals data is actually showing you, and how you can marry up field data with the Lighthouse diagnostic/opportunity audits. 

The Almost-Complete Guide to Cumulative Layout Shift

via @jessthebp

As if that wasn't enough CWV goodness, this is a deep dive into one metric into particular: Cumulative Layout Shift. And by deep dive, I mean nearly 8000 words of CLS based goodness. You're going to need a coffee or five.

There is a LOT of stuff here. It'll make your head hurt. But in a good way. And it has a convenient round-up at the end that helps it all make sense again.

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