Edition #23: The Ultimate Guide to Indexing SEO

Spring is in the air, the pubs are back open (in the UK at least...) so I hope what we're seeing truly is light at the end of the tunnel, and not just another dastardly covid-mirage.

Here's what we've been enjoying lately:

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The Ultimate Guide to Indexing SEO

via @TomekRudzki

Sometimes you come across an 'ultimate guide' only to discover such meh-level content that it makes you question your understanding of the word 'ultimate' in the first place.

This is no such article! Tomek has absolutely gone to town on how crawling, rendering and indexing works in Google. It is indeed ultimate.

How To: Do Dynamic Product Meta Data in Magento Using GTM

via @dave_ashworth

I love the philosophy that underpins this post - can't get dev resource, just figure out how to do it yourself using Google Tag Manager. But Dave does not just use GTM to manually re-write a couple of title tags, he uses it to dynamically format title tags and meta descriptions for thousands of products across a whole bunch of languages, resulting in improved performance in terms of impressions, clicks and CTR.

Clapping hand emoji.

3 Vital Click-Based Signals for SEO: First, Long, & Last

via @CyrusShepard

As Cyrus points out almost immediately, this is NOT a post about the CTR debate! This post instead assumes that click-based interaction data is used as ranking signals, and presents three simple metrics: first click, long click and last click. And whether or not said assumption is correct, these are all metrics you would want to optimise for anyway...

Critical & Common E-commerce SEO Issues that Need to Stop Happening

via @aleyda

Another beast of a post from Aleyda, who demonstrates six critical technical SEO issues that commonly hamper ecommerce websites. She goes through how to diagnose these issues and provides a range of suggestions for fixing them too.

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