Edition #22: Strategical Content Optimization in an SEO Process

I hope you are all enjoying the first green shoots of spring, and that our cautious vaccine optimism has not dissipated by the time they are truly sprung.

We are super excited to be sponsoring this year's WTSFest, Women in Tech SEO's flagship conference. Six speakers, split across 3 days, with two awesome talks and live Q&A per day, it is perfectly suited to those suffering from Zoom-exhaustion. With exceptional speakers and an extremely accessible price point, it's basically a no brainer. The final call for tickets is 5th March, so get in there sharpish!

Onto the content...

Recent Tech SEO Stuff We Love

Strategical Content Optimization in an SEO Process

via @CrawlingMondays

This episode of Crawling Mondays involves 3 of my favourite SEOs to learn from, with Suganthan Mohanadasan and JH Scherck joining Aleyda Solis, talking about the intersection of content and SEO. Aleyda actually teased this months ago, and every morning I would run downstairs and hit refresh on her YouTube channel, and every morning my little face would drop.

She finally published it. So enjoy it.

Regex for Marketers: Plain English, Real World Examples [VIDEO]

via @AnnieCushing

If you're anything like me, as soon as someone mentions Regex, your first instinct is to create a distraction (e.g. 'Look! There's a badger with a gun!') and sprint in the opposite direction.

No longer! Now, you look them squarely in the eye and say 'Of course, I know regex, thanks to Annie Cushing's magnificent guide.' And yes, I know there's millions of guides on the internet already about Regex, but they're all written by the wrong kind of geeks, and not with digital marketing in mind. Annie Cushing is, without a shadow of a doubt, the right kind of geek.

Winning with Web Vitals - Real-life case studies of CWV fixes [VIDEO]

via @izzionfire

The delightfully effervescent Izzi Smith is joined by Bartosz Góralewicz & Bartłomiej Kudyba for a really interesting dive into Core Web Vitals, looking into specific real-world examples and the work that can be done to improve CWV. I feel like they really got the balance right in terms of explaining the bits that SEOs need to know, and where the developer needs to take over.

How To Use GSC’s Crawl Stats Reporting To Analyze and Troubleshoot Site Move

via @glenngabe

Really interesting guide on how to use Google Search Console's new crawl stats for website migrations - particularly useful for all those instances where getting clients to send you log files is like trying to get your kid to clean their bloody room (as I write this my wife is waging war with our eldest on this specific subject...).

A Bunch of Awesome Free SEO Tools

  • Robots Exclusion Checker - a super useful little Chrome extension for your arsenal. Will display green/orange/red depending on the index status of the URL you are on (without you even having to click the little icon), and checks for robots data literally EVERYWHERE.
  • AlsoAsked (BETA) - currently in an open beta, AlsoAsked is a really useful way to generate or research content ideas, showing you how Google users link together different topics and questions.
  • SERP Speed - enter a query and a web page, then SERP Speed will go off and collect Web Core Vitals data for your page, and compare this against the top 10 results for the query - so you can see exactly how you stack up in terms of speed! 
  • Learning SEO - another awesome project put together by the irrepressible Aleyda, this is an SEO learning roadmap which pulls together guides from all over the industry, organized and presented as a logical progression.

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