Edition #20: Passage ranking using BERT

Happy Autumn, folks! This time last year we were getting ready to fly to Boston for TechSEO Boost, mingle, drink and chat with other human beings, unencumbered by facial coverings.

2020 you cruel mistress. Begone with you!

Tech SEO articles ahoy...

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Could Google passage indexing be leveraging BERT?

via @dawnieando

Dawn loves herself a spot of BERT theorising. I love it too, to be honest. You'll need a coffee (or three) for this one, so strap in. I don't think there's anyone in the SEO industry more plugged-in to the this stuff, and we are all lucky that Dawn has shared the breadth of her knowledge with us all here.

In terms of her central argument, I'm sold. Are you?

The Mechanics of E-A-T: How Google Patents Can Help Explain How E-A-T Works

via @lilyraynyc

Lily Ray (SEO's favourite DJ) dusted off some of Google's patents, and, along with Patentmeister Bill Slawski, explored how they might help explain how Google may be using E-A-T algorithmically. It is super interesting stuff, connecting the Knowledge Graph with the Search Quality Guidelines, and explaining some of the technology that allows Google to make or infer meaningful connections.

Google’s Page Experience Update and Core Web Vitals: Everything you need to know 

via @rachellcostello

Google have publicly stated that they are changing the way they judge the user experience for website visitors, and in this article Rachel provides an excellent overview of what's changing, and what you can do about it. With examples, explanations and guidance for checking this stuff yourself, it is what it says on the tin: 'Everything you need to know.'

Analysing & fixing organic traffic drops

via @SamUnderwoodUK

Back when I was regularly doing client audits, I used to absolutely LOVE the ones where I had to don my Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe, and go to work figuring out wtf had happened to make a website's traffic tank completely. This post is the 2020 version of that process, not about Penguin anymore but instead taking into account things like link rot and search demand. Sam also lays out his methodology for digging into rankings changes to isolate which pages or keywords are affected. It's excellent stuff.

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