Edition #19: How to master the art of inhouse SEO

Somehow it is already October, and we're all still unable to go to conferences to learn, chat... and drink :(

Alas, that has not stopped our wonderful community from churning out more excellent SEO advice.

Before I unleash the articles of tech SEO goodness, I'm going to plug a livestream event we are hosting today (8pm BST/3pm EDT), featuring the excellent Lily Ray & Jono Alderson, on 'Making the Business Case for Structured Data'. We have a bunch of super interesting questions lined up, so it would be awesome if you could join us later on (and fire some of your own questions at the gang!).

See you there?

Recent Tech SEO Stuff We Love

How to master the art of inhouse SEO

via @Kevin_Indig

I don't want to always be including articles from the same author every month, but when someone like Kevin comes along and just keeps publishing awesome stuff, it makes it very hard to ignore!

This is a wonderful blueprint for working as an inhouse SEO, it clearly defines the differences against agency life, identifies the major challenges of in-house, and provides strategies to overcome them.

How to Download All of Your GSC Data Without Limits (VIDEO)

via @searchmartin

In a 'quick and dirty' Twitter video, Martin shares a cool hack for downloading all of your URL data and all of your keyword data from Google's Search Console's API, via Data Studio. In Martin's own words, 'It's fast, it's got all of your data, and you're not constrained by GSC's 1000 row limit.'

15 Insanely Efficient Google Sheets Formulas for SEOs

via @Dannanelli

I know what you're thinking, Excel >>>> Google Sheets, right? I'm totally with you. Fortunately, most of these excellent Google Sheets formulas also work in Excel, which is an absolute winner. Whether you prefer Google Sheets or Excel (for the win), anyone regularly working with spreadsheet data will probably benefit from bookmarking this one.

Reducing the Site-Speed Impact of Third-Party Tags

via @AndyDavies

We've seen first hand how third-party tags can bloat your pages and slow your crawl right down, and they can obviously have a negative impact on user experience too. In this post Andy expands on what he shared at (the online only, sob) BrightonSEO recently, explaining the impact of tags upon performance, and some of the things you can do to 'tame' them.

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