Edition #17: Logfile analysis for SEO

I hope you are all enjoying a happy summer holi...lockdown.

I know it doesn't quite make up for it, but you can make the most of the extra garden time with the excellent tech SEO articles below...

Ok, ok. It doesn't make up for it at all. But you have bugger all else to do, and maybe these posts will entertain you for a few minutes at least.

Recent Tech SEO Stuff We Love

How to do advanced Logfile analysis for SEO

via @Suganthanmn

Suganthan is a legit rising star in the SEO community. Give him a few years and he'll be keynoting at MozCon... if we're ever allowed to go to conferences again, that is.

This post is a tour de force on log file analysis, including everything from the challenge of collecting accurate data and what you can do with it, through to visualizing this data in a custom template in Google Data Studio (which he created and shared with you all for free).

Structured Data Beyond Google and Back (VIDEO)

via @jonoalderson@marthavanberkel

I struggle to think of two individuals more enthusiastic about Schema than Jono and Martha, and in this video you can enjoy all of their excitable effervescence at its fullest. Basically this video is about how to think about structured data. And in particular, how to think about structured data beyond 'how can I get some rich snippets in the SERPs.' You can also grab the slides here.

"Rendering SEO" with Martin Splitt (VIDEO)

via @OnelyCom

If you're at all trying to build a career in technical SEO, you absolutely need to follow the conversation surrounding JavaScript and rendering, and this webinar makes it on the 'required watching' list for sure.

The webinar is primarily a chat between Martin Splitt (of Google fame) and the Onely tech wizards, inspired by some original research previously published by Bartosz.

Infinite pages and escaping crawl traps

via @oli_l_a

Whilst this isn't a new topic, it is one that bears repeating. I know this from dealing with Sitebulb support queries on this very topic more often than you might imagine; conversations typically start like this 'Err...why is Sitebulb crawling 500,000 pages when I only have 10,000 pages on my site...?'

Other Stuff You Should Check Out

  • tl;dr Marketing
    This is a free, daily newsletter curated by Saijo George, which absolutely delivers on its promise of a 'daily dose of marketing news in quick TL;DR style.' Super helpful to cut through the noise and a massive time saver.
  • The History of Search Engines
    Really cool long-form covering the development of search engines right back from the dial-up days through to 'the next era' of voice search and IOT. I used Altavista, if you were wondering.
  • The Canva Backlink Empire: How SEO, Outreach & Content Led To A $6B Valuation
    A beast of a post digging into the SEO and business strategy of Canva. A really interesting, and frankly, impressive story.

What We've Been Up To

  • We released Sitebulb v4.0. It was a pretty big update, new features include Structured Data Extraction & Validation, Content Extraction, Content Search and Marking Hints as Fixed. I wrote a typically unwieldy essay about the changes in our Release Notes.
  • I joined Mark Williams-Cook on his podcast Search with Candour, where I discussed some of the history behind Sitebulb and how we started, along with my perspectives on technical SEO and site audits.
  • We redesigned large chunks of the Sitebulb website, and built a new 'Learn' section which includes tons more docs and guides - with more coming soon.

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