Edition #14: Trends for technical SEO in 2020

The new decade is barely 3 weeks old, yet we've already had some cracking tech SEO content published by community members, as you'll see below.

During 2020 we're going to be focusing more on producing content ourselves, and we'll also be getting involved more closely with live events - we'll let you know where we'll be and when.

MKGO by Aira

First on our agenda is MKGO in March, which promises to be an incredible event - their line-up of speakers is world-class (Rand, Wil Reynolds, Britney Muller, Areej AbuAli to name a few...) and the venue is Red Bull Racing’s spectacular "MK7" factory in Milton Keynes. We're super pumped to be the headline sponsor, so come along and join us! (tickets still availble at time of writing).

Recent Tech SEO Stuff We Love

15 experts reveal the trends for Technical SEO in 2020

via @Kevin_Indig

I must admit I usually HATE 'expert round up' posts but this one managed to slip under my cynical refuse-to-read-radar (r3). And I'm extremely pleased that it did. Instead of the typical lists you see, this post is actually broken down into the topics that came back from the responses, which makes it much easier to digest, and at the same time more compelling. Obviously, no one knows what the future holds, but there's plenty of interesting discussion points in here, at the very least.

How to Safeguard Your Site from Chrome's Upcoming Security Updates

via @HathawayP (yours truly)

I warned you we'd be doing more content this year. But I'll only be including our stuff if I think it warrants it. And this post does because it explores an issue that seems to be going under the radar - Chrome are hammering on with their updates and they are taking security more seriously than ever. The changes that are coming (in the next couple of months) regarding mixed content could easily affect a bunch of your client sites, so you need to be prepared! Alternative SlideShare presentation version here.

How to refresh stale content using nothing more than Google Search Console

via @JHTScherck

This is an SEO tutorial that anyone can follow. It's a 10 minute screenshare from John-Henry, raw, unscripted and unedited - but super easy to follow and completely accessible to anyone. He presents a really straightforward method for mining Google Search Console data, along with a bit of old fashioned SERP analysis, in order to plan out a content refresh for old or stale pages on your site.

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