Edition #10: Understanding query syntax so you can avoid spoilers

I've been absent from the internet for the last few weeks, avoiding spoilers, so I missed a couple editions of this newsletter. To make up for it, this is a bumper edition, with at least 2 (two) more articles!

You lucky people.

Recent Tech SEO Stuff We Love

My Perfectly Healthy Obsession With Query Syntax

via @ajkohn

AJ's 'perfectly healthy' obsession with query syntax is very much evident in this piece, which you absolutely need to read. If you read it already, read it again. If you need more encouragement, enjoy this snippet: "Query syntax describes intent that drives content composition and format." Sounds good right? He'll tell you exactly what it means and how to use it. Just read it already.

Rendering on the Web – The SEO Version

via @jbobbink

This is the best post I have seen that makes 'SEO sense' out of Google's article 'Rendering on the Web', and you should absolutely send this on to your developers if they are building a JavaScript application, or moving your website architecture to a JavaScript framework.

An SEO’s guide to site architecture

via @richardbaxter

Señor Baxter has taken a break from go-karting to re-vamp and update a bunch of old articles on the Builtvisible site, and this one is a banger. I remember the original, and would often reference it in client audits (back when I used to do them) to help explain site architecture. This updated version is even more comprehensive, with some excellent images and real world examples.

How to Diagnose and Solve JavaScript SEO Issues in 6 Steps

via @TomekRudzki

Tomek and his team at Onely are basically synonymous with 'JavaScript SEO' these days, and they keep publishing awesome content like this, that helps folks like us figure out WTF we're supposed to be doing.

Restructuring Websites to Improve Indexability

via @areej_abuali​

I didn't see this presentation when we were at BrightonSEO last month, and although I wish I had, this is probably the easiest slidedeck to read after-the-event I've ever seen. The 200+ slides take you on a tech SEO journey, as well as a communication journey, and tell a super interesting story to boot.

Other Stuff You Should Check Out

  • There’s A Better Way To Classify Search Intent
    New tool claxon! In this very newsletter we seem to have been sharing more and more articles on search intent lately, in reaction to trends spotted in the SERPs. Kane Jamison and his team have come up with a very interesting new tool which looks to classify intent differently, and do a deep dive on specific keywords so you can better optimise for the intent. This article explains their process, and you can sign up to apply for beta access to their tool here
  • Entity Optimisation in 2019
    Optimisey run a free SEO meetup in Cambridge (UK), and attract some seriously awesome speakers. If you can't make it along to the live events, Andrew publishes the videos (also for free), and this presentation from Kevin Indig is a recent favourite of mine - he smashes you over the head with theory, then makes sense of it into actionable SEO advice.
  • SEO For Web Engineers: 38 Hard-Earned Lessons and Tips
    A machine gun list of technical issues, that developers should be aware can cause SEO issues (but most probably aren't).
  • Event Spam SEO
    Another bonkers experiment from ohgm, again pushing the limits of tech SEO weirdness purely so he can once again be featured in this newsletter. Achievement unlocked.

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