Edition #5: NLP SEO and other popular acronyms

Welcome to the latest edition of Sitebulb Every-so-often. I don't know about you, but I love a good acronym.

Unless I don't know what they mean, in which case I cannot stand them and I wish the person saying them would kindly STFU.

In other news...

Recent Tech SEO Stuff We Love

On-page SEO for NLP

via @justinrbriggs

An excellent article that breaks down how Natural Language Processing (NLP) works, and it's relevance to SEO, and then goes on to provide 10 actionable ways you can optimize content for NLP. I'd recommend reading this alongside the MozCon presentation Search-Driven Content Strategy by Stephanie Briggs (the other half of this husband and wife SEO crack team).

Mobile-first: Clarification from Google

via @googlewmc

This one is not an article, but in fact a series of Twitter posts, and very good ones at that - the thread clarifies common misconceptions and concerns about mobile-first indexing. 

An 8-Point Checklist for Debugging Strange Technical SEO Problems

via @dom_woodman

Whilst 'strange' technical SEO problems are often the most fun to figure out, they are also a lot more likely to induce an inadvertent plummet into the depths of a rabbit-designed ambush. Dominic provides a framework to help you work through such problems, and steer clear of those dastardly rabbits.

JavaScript SEO surprise! Google DOES use JS-injected canonical tags

via @rebelytics

A very interesting experiment that apparently debunks a claim made at Google I/O that Google DON'T use canonical tags injected by JavaScript, and only rely on the response HTML or HTTP header for canonicals. Without now knowing exactly what to believe, I support John Mueller's take that it would not be a good plan to rely on canonicals that are injected via JavaScript, and would be much safer to simply include them in the HTML. Why take risks with this shit?

Other Stuff You Should Check Out

  • Content Strategy for Publishers w/ Former New York Times SEOs (VIDEO)
    The Siege Media strategy of inviting incredibly smart SEOs to come and talk content on camera is both compelling and insightful. Hosted by Ross Hudgens, this episode features 
    Marshall Simmonds and Matthew Brown (all 3 are annoyingly smart and talented) on the specifics of working with big publishers and how to instil an awareness and appreciation of SEO in the content teams.
  • Five Years of Google Ranking Signals
    Over the years, Bill Slawski has poured many hundreds of hours into reading and picking apart Google patents, publishing his thoughts and learnings about them for everyone to access freely. This post consolidates everything he's learnt regarding ranking signals from the last five years, and represents a very accessible way to consume his unique content. If you want to really learn what makes Google tick, throw away those 'industry survey' posts on ranking signals, and read this instead.

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