Articles by Patrick Hathaway

Patrick spends most of his time trying to keep the documentation up to speed with Gareth's non-stop development. When he's not doing that, he can usually be found abusing Sitebulb customers in his beloved release notes.

JavaScript SEO Resources

Published 08 August 2017Updated 21 October 2021

An evergreen collection of all the most useful resources on JavaScript SEO.

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How JavaScript Rendering Affects Google Indexing

Published 25 January 2021Updated 08 July 2022

Understand the crucial role that JavaScript rendering plays in Google's indexing process.

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How to Crawl JavaScript Websites

Published 03 July 2017Updated 08 July 2022

How to configure Sitebulb to crawl and render JavaScript websites.

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What SEOs Need to Know About Core Web Vitals & Performance Testing

Published 30 June 2021Updated 18 August 2021

A guide to help SEOs better understand Core Web Vitals and website performance.

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Automating Structured Data on

Published 25 February 2021Updated 04 March 2021

A case study demonstrating our approach for automated site-wide structured data.

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How to Crawl Responsibly: The Need for (Less) Speed

Published 25 November 2017Updated 06 July 2022

Crawling faster is not always better. This guide outlines how Sitebulb crawls and how to understand crawl speed.

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Node Identifiers: From Structured Data to Linked Data

Published 27 October 2020

Learn how to use node identifiers to make structured data truly interconnected.

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Structured Data Testing Tool Alternatives

Published 14 September 2020Updated 17 September 2021

How to validate structured data now that SDTT has been deprecated

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Safeguard Your Site from Chrome's New Security Updates

Published 20 January 2020

How to ensure your site is not negatively affected by Google Chrome's upcoming security changes.

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Crawl Maps for SEO

Published 10 March 2017Updated 06 April 2021

Find out how to use Sitebulb's interactive Crawl Maps to explore website architecture.

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Website Auditing Resources

Published 03 November 2020

An evergreen collection of all the most useful resources on auditing websites.

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