Make sure your website delivers on user experience

Audit every single resource URL on your site, to ensure that users are experiencing your content exactly as you want them to.

Jeroen Bos

Jeroen Bos


Sitebulb is an impressive new tool that will make the life of many SEOs much easier. As far as I am concerned, definitely recommend as a new standard Crawl tool!

Examine resource files in detail

Resources allow your website to engage and interact with your visitors, so scripts that have stopped working or broken images will only work to spoil the user experience. Sitebulb’s Resource report allows you to segment only the resource URLs from the noise of all the other pages, so you can ensure that everything is working as expected.

Easily find your biggest resource issues

See how resources are distributed through the site, and where errors are being found in terms of crawl depth. Quickly navigate to lists of broken or redirecting resource URLs.

Resources by depth

Visualize the most important errors

Useful pie charts allow you to understand and communicate the scale of any problems with broken resources, redirects or insecure content.

Resources status and protocol

Find every page resource

Understand exactly which types of resource files are available on your website, including some you might not be aware of!

Page resources by type

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