Crawl data + search traffic data = deeper insights

Sitebulb will overlay search traffic data on top of your crawl data to help you identify traffic gaps.

Jorge Sola

Jorge Sola

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I love Sitebulb!. With the Organic Search Traffic Score feature I can see at a glance the pages that are not receiving organic traffic. Pretty useful to quickly detect which important pages need to be improved and optimized.

Identify search traffic gaps

In an ideal world, every indexable page on your website is deemed sufficiently valuable by Google that they are happy to send organic search traffic to it. But that is rarely the case, and in fact you could have thousands of pages that don’t receive any organic traffic.

Equally, if you have lots of noindexed pages receiving organic search traffic, you’re probably going to want to go and find out why.

Sitebulb makes it easy to pick this stuff apart, so you can figure out which pages aren’t pulling their weight.

Search traffic gaps

Visualize traffic distribution

Find out how evenly distributed your search traffic is across all pages on your website, so you can see if a high proportion of search traffic is being received by only a few URLs, with a long ‘tail’, or if the spread is more uniform.

Search traffic by percentile

Pick out poor performers

Sitebulb’s intelligent hints will pick out ‘red flag’ URLs that aren’t receiving any traffic or are recording poor engagement metrics, such as high bounce rate or low time on page. It will also identify traffic source gaps, such as URLs that receive no traffic from mobile, which could be indicative of much wider problems.

Poor performers

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